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Federal court approves complaint against Hardturm Stadium in Zurich

The Federal Supreme Court has granted a right to vote complaint against the planned football stadium on the Hardturm site in Zurich. Now the district council has to deal with the complaint again.

The «Ensemble» project was accepted at the ballot box last September. An opponent of the project, which includes a football stadium and two high-rise buildings, complained that the city had not provided sufficient information in advance about the security risks of a football stadium, wrote the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) on Wednesday. He asked for the vote to be annulled.

According to the decision of the Federal Court, the district council, which had rejected the appeal in the first instance, must now take on the matter again - with full members. He had only found a team of four about it and not all five members. The Zurich administrative court had still accepted this.

However, the Federal Supreme Court did not respond to the complaint regarding the alleged security risks.

The complainant, Peter Wolfgang von Matt from Zurich, nevertheless assessed the decision as an “encouraging signal” that the organs of the constitutional state were taking their duty of care seriously. "I hold to the fact that the vote suffered from an insurmountable democratic deficit and must therefore be declared invalid."

Source: bas ler info

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