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University of Geneva

McKay Interview:
Dr Victoria Curzon-Price, Professor Emerita of Economics, University of Geneva
The Covid-19 pandemic is the worst in 100 years. Apart from the great tragedies inflicted upon many, many families all over the world, it has thrown up a number of conundrums. Puzzles like the scientific, the medical, the spiritual, the economic and many others.
Today, the 2nd June 2020, Michael is looking at COVID-19 through the prism of Economics.
Michael's guest is Professor Emerita Victoria Curzon-Price. She was for many years Professor of Economics at the University of Geneva and also at the European Institute at that same university. Her areas of interest include international trade, economic integration, institutional competition and political economy. Previously she was president of the Mont Pelerin Society . And she once, just over ten years ago, even dipped her toe into the world of politics by being elected deputy to the Canton of Geneva's Parliament.