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Zurich Public Transport does not run


That is why public transport does not run in Zurich

Trams and buses have stopped running in Zurich since Thursday evening. The reasons for this include defects and accidents.

It continues to snow in Zurich. The clearance work is also in full swing, but public transport, which had been suspended in the city of Zurich since 10 p.m. yesterday, has not yet been resumed.

 The greatest difficulty in clearing the streets is the vast amount of snow that has fallen in Zurich in a very short time, according to the building department of the Canton of Zurich. "Although there are currently around 230 evacuation vehicles on the cantonal roads and motorways, and many more on the municipal roads, nature is stronger than humans," said spokesman Thomas Maag.

The blocked roads are an additional problem. “The evacuation vehicles hardly get through because of the trucks standing sideways and the numerous accidents that lead to traffic jams. So many streets cannot be cleared of snow at the moment. "

"Nothing will work until further notice"

The situation of public transport is currently unchanged, according to VBZ spokeswoman Daniela Tobler. "Operations will remain suspended until further notice." The amount of snow and the falling branches would mean that the trams and trolley buses would not be able to drive. «Falling trees partially damaged contact lines. This damage must first be repaired before we can start operations again, ”says Tobler.

Although the line network has been closed, people are working hard behind the scenes. «Our teams were out all night, clearing tracks and stops. We are doing everything in our power to resume operations as quickly as possible. " Until then, the recommendation of the VBZ is: Better to wait if you don't have to go out or otherwise find out beforehand.

 In the meantime, Postbuses have installed snow chains. In Zurich's urban traffic, this is not operationally feasible, says Tobler. "No snow chains will be used in narrow traffic."


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