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Growing anti-Russian sentiment in Switzerland for Ukraine


Growing anti-Russian sentiment in Switzerland

There seems to be increasing anti-Russian sentiment in Switzerland. One Russian patient is being refused HIV treatment and others say they are being spat on when they speak Russian.

One 50-year-old man who lives in Moscow, but has been traveling to Switzerland for HIV medication for the last five years has been told by his doctor he can’t be treated here anymore.

The Hirslanden clinic in Zurich confirmed to the Blick newspaper the doctor says he will not treat any patients living in Russia while the Ukrainian war continues. Although the clinic says they will treat anyone, irrespective of nationality, if they’re in need of immediate medical care.

 The issue of discrimination against Russians in Switzerland is seemingly wider. Svetlana Chiriaeva, head of the Switzerland – Russia Chamber of Commerce told the Blick that hostility against Russians is becoming socially acceptable.

 She says she knows of an elderly woman who’s been spat at and Russian children being bullied at school.

She says she understands sanctions against Putin supporters and the Oligarchs, but the wider restrictions are hitting innocent people.

 She points out that she’s unable to even send a package of medication to her elderly father in Moscow.