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Bomb threat at Zurich airport


A group of NGO’s – including Amnesty International – is calling for tighter rules on automatic facial recognition technology.

The Stop Facial Recognition Alliance says there’s currently nothing in law to prevent the misuse of the technology – as well as other biometric surveillance methods.

The group says the technology is being adopted by police forces and private companies – and its just a small step to general mass surveillance. 

A spokesperson for Amnesty International says the aim is not to ban the use of facial recognition – but to have a clear legal framework on how it should be used.

A major alert was triggered at Zurich airport yesterday.

An anonymous threat was called in, saying there was a bomb onboard a Helvetic Airways plane that had arrived from Warsaw. 

The plane landed safely at midday – and all passengers and crew disembarked.

Bomb squad officers from Zurich cantonal police searched the aircraft and didn’t find anything suspicious. The all clear was given at around 5pm.

The incident didn’t disrupt any other flights.

The plane landed on runway 14 without incident, the Zurich cantonal police said in the afternoon.

Shortly before 12 p.m., the passengers and crew exited the aircraft via stairs after an explicit threat regarding this machine had been received during the flight.

Specialists from the canton police released the plane after the search. The safety of the passengers and the crew was guaranteed at all times, writes the cantonal police.

Source: CNN