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Switzerland and young refugees from Greece

Switzerland to take more young refugees from Greece

Switzerland has agreed to receive another three dozen or so unaccompanied young refugees from Greece by the end of the year. Of these, 14 have family ties to Switzerland. The rest have been living in the burnt-down Moria camp on Lesbos.

The decision was announced by Justice Minister Karin Keller-Sutter on Monday.

Since the beginning of the year Switzerland has received 54 children and young people with links to Switzerland from Greece.

In September deliberately set fires gutted the Moria asylum centre on the island of Lesbos, leaving its 12,500 residents mostly homeless. The government had previously promised to take in around 20 minors, regardless of any family ties.

The EU was coordinating the urgent transfer of 400 minors at the camp to other countries given their precarious situation.

Travel preparations are currently underway for the roughly three dozen minors who are to travel from Greece to Switzerland in the next few weeks.


Source:  SWI


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