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Virologist wants Europe wide lockdown



Because of Coronovirus mutation.  Virologist wants Europe-wide lockdown

According to initial studies, the British coronavirus mutation is much more contagious than the previously known variant of the virus. Geneva virologist Isabella Eckerle and 350 other scientists are calling for a coordinated lockdown.

Geneva virologist Isabella Eckerle is concerned about the development of the coronavirus that has mutated in the UK. The new variant of the virus is not only much more contagious according to initial studies. In England you pushed back all other variants.

"However, we do not yet know to what extent this development is due to the nature of the virus or has been intensified by other factors, such as minor measures in the region," said Eckerle in an interview with the "SonntagsBlick".

"All countries pulling together"

If it turns out that the mutation is actually more contagious, it will make containing the virus even more difficult. It could also lead to more deaths. The mutation supports the call of science for a Europe-wide uniform strategy.

The corona virus does not respect national borders. "If we want to get through the next few months, all countries must now pull together," said Eckerle. In principle, all countries would have to take similar measures to contain the virus. The whole of Europe needs a coordinated lockdown.

More than 350 scientists from all over Europe have called for a coordinated response to the pandemic, as the “NZZ am Sonntag” writes. Nine researchers from Switzerland signed the appeal, including the former President of the Federal Science Task Force, Matthias Egger, four other task force members and Eckerle.


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