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Switzerland Υoung Μillionaires 23 years old from the masks

"In this way, Switzerland got the masks for free"

With the sale of respiratory masks, two young Zurich entrepreneurs have become multimillionaires during the first Corona wave. In an interview, the two 23-year-olds also admit mistakes.

The two young entrepreneurs from Zurich who had become multimillionaires with their company Emix Trading and the sale of protective masks had made headlines for the first time in the summer . They had sold masks to the federal government for around 22 million francs - including according to a report by"Tages-Anzeiger" also counterfeit and unusable goods.

The two 23-year-olds did not want to let these allegations sit on them, reports the «St. Galler Tagblatt ». In an interview, the young entrepreneurs reject the accusation. They also contradict the criticism that they sold the protective masks at exorbitant prices . Anyone who speaks of usury has no idea how expensive it was to produce goods in such large quantities and have them shipped to Europe.

Sales in Europe, taxes in Switzerland

You would have achieved a maximum margin of 20 to 30 percent in Switzerland. "We can prove that," said one of the two young millionaires. You yourself would have paid purchase prices of between 2 and 7 euros for the masks. That they should have gotten rich at the expense of the taxpayer annoys them.

Emix Trading made by far the largest part of its sales in the surrounding Europe - but taxed the profit in Zug. The two 23-year-olds pay their taxes in Schwyz. "In this way, Switzerland got the masks for free," says one of the two.

As a mistake, however, the former young SVPers admit the purchase of luxury cars, with which they also made headlines in the summer. After getting rich selling the masks, they bought Ferrari and Bentley cars.


Source: 20 min


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